Sorry for the delay…

We’ve been without internet at the house for over 2 weeks now. Arrgh!! (In that time, coincidentally, I’ve learned that the Swedish for ‘angry’ is ‘arg’. Hmm…) Anyway, since this is an online blog (you know, weblog?), it has severely impacted my writing, and your reading, experience. I do apologize. Please hang in there!

I’m working online from a free-wi-fi hotspot in a coffeehouse, which is why I haven’t posted anything lately. In the time since you last heard from me, we’ve been to Stockholm for 4 days (half a day of Fulbright recognition ceremony, 3 days of sight-seeing).

My biggest and most exciting development has been my continuing growth in Swedish-language skills. I still usually speak English, for the convenience of everyone involved, but a few days ago I spoke Swedish for about 3/4 of a 90-minute encounter with my manicurist (captive audience?). Anyway, it worked! For the most part I was able to come up with words, in their correct form, as I needed them, and to pronounce them well enough to be understood. It was downright exhilarating!!

It’s still cool here–temperatures and otherwise. We froze for 90 minutes of the airshow–more in a later post when I can take my time at home–and then went home. We’ve had company over, and fed them a Swedish-American lunch on Swedish National Day (June 6).

Pictures and more details on all of the above will follow.

We got train tickets today to get us to the airport for our return flight to the States. We’ll take the train to Stockholm on Friday, 6/29, and fly home on Saturday.

With any luck we’ll have our internet back tomorrow. (hope, hope)



About harrynmelissa

We are enjoying a Swedish Adventure--5 months in Linköping, Sweden, where Harry is conducting research under a Fulbright Scholarship. He and a collaborator are trying to create a compound which can be used for radiologic imaging to diagnose neuro-degenerative diseases earlier, when they are more treatable. We arrived on January 26 (halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox) and will be here until June 30 (a week past the Summer Solstice), and are writing about our experience of Swedish life "up close and personal."
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One Response to Sorry for the delay…

  1. melva sue priddy says:

    Hi Melissa.
    When ever you get this, I waved & smiled at ya! I enjoy hearing about your adventures. And you’ll soon be home, with photos available & more chatter with friends, like me. Don’t forget, I was one of the two people who constantly checked in on you. Your other friends are ready to trunce the finance/bookkeeping back at you the moment you step off the plane–I’m just warning you.
    We are getting ready for a yard sale with our next door neighbor for this saturday, then we go to visit my daughter Daisy in NC next week. When we return from there, I turn around & leave for a one week residency at Hopscotch House, a program of Kentucky Foundation for Women, where I’ll prep for post publication matters in an effort to stave off possible PTSD triggers. This will of course make no sense to anyone else readying your blog but I think you’ll get it.

    Till I see you soon, or another post comes through. hugs & love–Melva Sue

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